Have you ever wondered why you should be grateful for life? Is life sometimes so overwhelming and confusing that it makes you feel a need not to be grateful or happy at all? What about the situations that keeps making you feel as if it ALL doesn’t worth it? I can tell that i have also been there and done that. Life is sure isn’t fair, but what is fair at least is that no matter what, we still need to be grateful. Life consists not in holding good cards, but in playing those you hold well,and be grateful.

But here is the deal,that I feel that we should be more grateful, no matter who we are now, what we do presently or where we hope to get in life sometime. Gratefulness is a very good quality one should cultivate and have if one wants to succeed in Life. What is gratefulness or how can we be grateful?

love-you-shirt To me, there are a lot and thousand of things that I am grateful for as a person, as a friend, a brother, a son and a Nigerian and also as a living soul. Check ALL this out and they are the FIVE top things that I am most concerned about and grateful for . You can join me too and add your own lists to it.

1. I am grateful for being ME,because there is no ONE exactly like me in the whole wide world,am Unique and that is so cool. Nobody can be like ME,so most times I am absolutely happy and grateful.

2. God loves ME, and that is why I am ME, and he placed me in the right family where I am, and I am loving it. When you think of it, who else loves you MORE than God? common, be grateful for that too.

3. Do you realize how precious and unquantifiable is the AIR that we breathe daily? So if you really want to know,I suggest that maybe you should visit Mars or Jupiter someday. Being alive and breathing freely is good, and that’s another gratefulness bus stop for me.

4. Have you EVER felt hungry and wanted to eat something, all by yourself? Oh, is this a common action? Well, Oh yes, then you and I need to be grateful for that everyday act I guess. right? Do that always too.

5. Finally, am so grateful that my Ransom has been paid for, my sins are forgiven me and that JESUS died for me, that i may gain eternal life. A life without CHRIST is Crisis and that am sure is worth been thankful and grateful for. Don’t you think so?

So who else is grateful? The measure of the value of our life is NOT from the number of our problems,how much we EARN,and NOT from our possessions or enjoyments. The value of our lives is derived from the purpose we find in acknowledging our blessings, and to be Grateful. Are you also as grateful as me? Let me know of what you think and what you are most grateful for too.

Smile  Cheers!!!