Hey, its the last day of 2013,and yes oh it is.I woke up this morning feeling somehow like a super star and there was this feeling like i had won the lottery. Don’t ask me like how much it is, but it does feel good to be #alive this very last day of #December 31, 2013 and you can also rephrase it as being over #joyful and #excited. Aren’t you glad that you made it to this day? Is life not much worth it compared to all the incidents, dramas and events you, your family, friends and even loved ones had faced so far? oh, you can call me up and tell me your answers to that questions. I bet  i would be as  excited and glad as You too. wlEmoticon-smile.png

Moving on, its a special day and there is a thousand and one things on my mind such that i want to share here with the world now though this little write up. I then ask myself, am I done yet with 2013?I started my day 6:18 am with a #strolling worship, while the day was at its early dusk state. The cold Harmattan weather breeze and haze, embraced me and i felt its presence like a huge blanket over my whole body, as i made my walking down towards my already busy but scanty street. I guess i could feel the fireballs of excitement and #gratefulness too glowing from people and vehicles  i passed because such energies and feelings speaks volumes without words.

Life is sure beautiful, no matter where you live, or where you are presently in the process or journey. A whole lot of us don’t stop long enough to smell the roses as we move on in life. As i listened to my worship playlists, strolling within my neighbourhood and other streets,i felt how #lucky, special and #blessed I am, with all i have compared to how less privileged some other people are.I saw dogs, chickens, other animals and things that couldn’t just grab or understand what it feels like to be alive this very day. So i remembered,’ A living dog is Far much better off than a dead lion’. Is anyone also  as grateful as I am today? Have you taken your time to #worship Him yet?

Let me also share this with you from the last book am reading for the year ; Enjoy the true Value of Time, snatch, seize and enjoy every moment of it. The year has been awesome and i am quite sure i did my best even till this very moment as i sit here typing this piece.Did you enjoy your time, did you make some moments count,and did you snatch the opportunities that came your way? Were you quite #satisfied with the year? I would say i did, made some moves and i got to this point of it, today.I wouldn’t ask for one more in this year. I think am done, looking back to the start of it to all i did today. Join me,see what am talking about, a day is 24 hours and here is how it was.

Did you had and enjoyed your last meal for the year? I enjoyed every food today and i also had my favourite drink too. Eat my favourite fruits of apple, banana and Pineapple too.There was also the chance of doing and completing my last painting of the year and my drawing. What about doing that one act of kindness and showing love to strangers and kids. I even baby sitted at my place for my neighbours wife’s kids while she went for an hour shopping,and its a lovely time with the kids.We eat our last popcorn for the year too and watched cartoon and it was awesome. Most people didn’t read their bible today,but i guess i did my last bible reading for the year. imagesCA5M3617




Later on, i headed out for a little drive around, used the ATM for the last time in 2013. Bought my last Airtime units for phone calls and i also did ensure that i had a very good afternoon nap.This piece should also be my last blog piece and entry into my personal blog and the last post for year 2013 i guess. Wow, should i also mention reading some unfinished books? Am i really done with the year? Well, i bet it will soon end and life goes on so do everything we are meant to do or born to consider doing in the new year.

So what else have you done for the last time this year? Have you had your last last activity before the year rolls out forever? Memories will be there, what you did will be tested on the sands of time and what you said or didn’t say will always stand for or against you. In whatever thing you do as the year ends, remember, be it positive or negative, that sure sets the pace for the New year coming. For me i have had an awesome year and that is all what this is about. Life is beautiful and meant to be enjoyed, remembered and shared. Thanks for reading and in all you DO, God should be the first and never the last. God bless and Happy New year 2014.


Marquis Red rose

Lagos Nigeria, Dec 31, 2013