To think POSITIVE is to THINK with GOD. When we think with God,we CAN do anything.

I read a book some good years back and that book had also changed, touched and realigned my life, my thinking and also aligned me on the path I am now on as a person.Its a such a wonderful, good and inspiring book.I remembered I had read it while i was just out of secondary school then and so did some of my close friends then. Its amazing how a book can change your life and talk to your heart.Isn’t it?

So have you read 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE yet? Thats the book i am talking about,and please if you have not,I am recommending it to you ALL now as a good read. I have also read it 3 times and it keeps challenging me, pointing me to new directions and tips for living and in relating to or with others. If everyone of us can read and understand this Wonderful & inspiring book, I THINK the world would be a much better place to live in.It is a simple, down to earth, educative, inspirational and a very excellent source for leadership lessons for everyone.

Living, leadership, potential building, inspiration, self development and a good lifestyle practice among others are mainly the objectives of the Author in this book with its other beneficial points I noted.He also wrote other fascinating and interesting books which i would also love to read when i get them into my collections.

I am just here using this little write up in remembering and honoring this prolific writer and leader, in person of Stephen Covey.Indeed, he has laid down a lasting legacy and has truly walked on holy ground through his books, lectures and seminars. And i conclude by saying; Its not so much what we do that counts, but what we THINK about what what we DO and thats what his book taught me too.

So I say; Stephen Covey,thanks for everything you DID.You have touched us ALL positively and your words & thinking lives on in our MINDS.  R.I.P

Each Man is different, each man must find his own path, each man is the same and each man must find his OWN path.