Somewhere in PortHarcourt

Landscape Painting artwork – ‘Somewhere in Port Harcourt

Oil on Canvas ”30 x 40”(2008) *SOLD

Growing up then in Lagos, Nigeria, I had always been fascinated by the amazing and abundant natural resources/nature whenever I was opportune to travel outside the city of Lagos. This painting was one of my first capturing of the beauty, splendor and colors of nature on canvas. It was a very interesting scenery that I could not just forget too.

I started out this piece first from sketches I had made while on a visit to this jetty (near ‘Man O War’ camp site) with a local girl there from Rivers state. Somehow she seemed to know I would love the place and scenery because I was a young adventurous artist from Lagos. It was breathtaking, beautiful and memorable that I could not resist but sketch.

The time, journey, vacation and out of state project with other artists then quite paid off with this same artwork being my first entry in an exhibition and was purchased by the chairman of the art event then. After that I had continued in painting various beautiful land/seascape works till date.

Art is not what you SEE, but what you MAKE (or produce) for OTHERS to SEE.

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