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February caught me quite unaware this year, and i have always looked forward to the the first day of that wonderful month, ever since my first experience of the so called Valentine celebration. Its a story i think you don’t want to know or read about, trust me. Time keeps flying and i remembered vividly then what love use to be like, and what it is like for me now. So if you are interested in knowing that part of the story, be my guest and sit tight. I might soon publish it for anyone of you who might be interested in knowing if you say so or comment on what i am about to share here.So stay with me and Happy new month again.

Welcome to the month of love, as most would say. But come to think of it, what would the other months stand for if we decided that February is made for love? What do you show your friends, loved ones, family members, colleagues, team mates, customers, neighbours, strangers and even an ordinary janitor or a city worker in other months of the year? Do you just resolve to show love once in a whole 365 days? Love is God and He is ever consistent in showing us love, 365 days times eternity. That is the kind of love we should show, allow or even share with people around us. But the trick here is that love without God is like love without direction. How can i love if i don’t love the source of love?Then that would make it more so difficult to love in February or any other days of other months.

What am i saying? Am asking by  means of this piece, that should we limit our love drives objectively to just one month a year? Is love not something to be expressed everyday of the year, and 365 days to those we love or know and to whom deserve our love or not? That is my basic point here. Love is limitless and i feel personally that Valentine is not the only day  to show or express love. It should be an everyday event, an every day practice and it is supposed to be shown to all generally irrespective of colour, race, social status, age or background. You should always open up your heart to love others as much as you love yourself. Jesus said ‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself’.



What does love mean today? We have totally deviated from what God originally intended for us and that’s why there is so much hurts and regrets associated with love, as most people see it or can relate it. Love should be pure, patient, holy, encouraging, believing, trusting, sacrificing and humble too. My girlfriend (fiancée) and I have the most perfect definition of what love should be, in book of  1 Corinthians 13. So you might also want to check that out and base the foundation of your love drive on that note.

Finally, Hey my brothers and sister, do you still believe in love? what we need is true, unbiased and healthy love to make the world go on. Love is the fuel that keeps the world working and when it is been limited to just one day, like Valentine day alone, it makes it very cliché like. Am I correct? As long as there is a man in the world who is hungry, sick, lonely or living in fear, he is my responsibility, he is to be shown love to too, and not to just reserve my love to some people alone for valentine’s day. God bless you and keep being that real love and change for our world. Red heart




Oh, so it’s September again, and I am much more surprised, like many other people who I have heard expressing themselves about it, asking; ‘Life is moving so fast that so soon we are in September already?’ I say yes, and so the question now is, do you have a life, from January 2014 till date? I mean, how have you lived your life till today? Would you still wish we start all over from January again, instead of September? Are you still struggling to meet up to your resolutions, that you are unaware we are now in September? Hey, September is here, a special month, and I know am born this month, but let’s read on                                                                .heart2

So what is life to you? Is it just every day of the week, each month that passes on or the food, accessories, clothes, things, gadgets and money that we make daily? When I ask, do you have a life; I am looking beyond these things. Have I been a better person since the beginning of this year? Have I been able to put a smile on a face or faces since January? If I should die this first day of September, what would I be remembered for the most? Do I have a life that is worth sharing and talking about all the way till date? My list could go on and on, but please let’s read on.

Life is like a road, some roads are big, and some are small and sometimes we are meant to walk in it alone or in company of others (Family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, fellow passengers or even the strangers or beggars on the streets) by the way we choose to live it. No matter where I am or what state I am in, I always make it a duty to recognize that every soul(person) is just like me, needing God’s grace, His love, forgiveness, blessings, protection and abundant life, we could have in every breath we still have. Are you a people person or you just live for yourself alone? Have you chosen to walk with someone who needs a hand or you been selfish and self centred since the beginning of the year? A little love and care in your life is worth it in this wonderful month.

We have to decide which road our life would take. Do we live life for just living sake or should we live for the purpose of love, rightfulness, discipline, respect and values driven principles that will make the world a much better place? Well, sometimes it’s not that easy and we may get the very opposite responses or rewards back from humanity, and we might not achieve what we had thought, but at least we tried. So let us live a life that depicts the good we want to see in the world for this generation, the next and for the remaining months of this year. There is still much to be done from this September, I say.

We have to look closely into how we live, do we analyse the options we have, and do we sometimes consider the many resultant choices of how live in the world? And always remember life will give us more chances to make right decisions and how can we make them? Life depends upon contact with life. It cannot spring up out itself. It cannot develop out of anything that is not life. There is no spontaneous way of living a worthy life. Christ is the source of life and we can have a better life when we live our life in Him. Do you have life? He that hath the Son hath Life, and he that hath not the Son, whatever else he may have, hath not life. No matter how you live or from the few suggestions here, September will come and go, but the footprints of your life is what matters most to humanity and to God.

So how do you live your life? Is it to God’s glory or yours? In what way will your life contribute to the betterment of the community you live in or to the world at large? I believe it’s all a matter of our perspective, as to what we want this September and the rest of the months of this year to be. Would we make it count and live a life that is worth every steps and journey from January till date? I think I will, and it’s a special month too, for me like many of you out there. Happy New Month.


SmileRed heartSun

Who ELSE is Grateful, like ME?

Have you ever wondered why you should be grateful for life? Is life sometimes so overwhelming and confusing that it makes you feel a need not to be grateful or happy at all? What about the situations that keeps making you feel as if it ALL doesn’t worth it? I can tell that i have also been there and done that. Life is sure isn’t fair, but what is fair at least is that no matter what, we still need to be grateful. Life consists not in holding good cards, but in playing those you hold well,and be grateful.

But here is the deal,that I feel that we should be more grateful, no matter who we are now, what we do presently or where we hope to get in life sometime. Gratefulness is a very good quality one should cultivate and have if one wants to succeed in Life. What is gratefulness or how can we be grateful?

love-you-shirt To me, there are a lot and thousand of things that I am grateful for as a person, as a friend, a brother, a son and a Nigerian and also as a living soul. Check ALL this out and they are the FIVE top things that I am most concerned about and grateful for . You can join me too and add your own lists to it.

1. I am grateful for being ME,because there is no ONE exactly like me in the whole wide world,am Unique and that is so cool. Nobody can be like ME,so most times I am absolutely happy and grateful.

2. God loves ME, and that is why I am ME, and he placed me in the right family where I am, and I am loving it. When you think of it, who else loves you MORE than God? common, be grateful for that too.

3. Do you realize how precious and unquantifiable is the AIR that we breathe daily? So if you really want to know,I suggest that maybe you should visit Mars or Jupiter someday. Being alive and breathing freely is good, and that’s another gratefulness bus stop for me.

4. Have you EVER felt hungry and wanted to eat something, all by yourself? Oh, is this a common action? Well, Oh yes, then you and I need to be grateful for that everyday act I guess. right? Do that always too.

5. Finally, am so grateful that my Ransom has been paid for, my sins are forgiven me and that JESUS died for me, that i may gain eternal life. A life without CHRIST is Crisis and that am sure is worth been thankful and grateful for. Don’t you think so?

So who else is grateful? The measure of the value of our life is NOT from the number of our problems,how much we EARN,and NOT from our possessions or enjoyments. The value of our lives is derived from the purpose we find in acknowledging our blessings, and to be Grateful. Are you also as grateful as me? Let me know of what you think and what you are most grateful for too.

Smile  Cheers!!!


Hi there!!

Welcome to my blog page TODAY! My name is Marquis,a student,an artist,a son,a brother, an uncle and ALWAYS a friend and am from Nigeria. I live in the city of Lagos  from the 36 states in Nigeria.

I love this catch phrase a lot – It’s not WHO I am, but what I DO that defines ME. Its not so much what we do that counts, but what we think about what we do. How would you make this world a better place with what you Do? Writing this blog is part of what i would be doing, and other thousands of things we do as human beings in our entire life time.

This blog is also what i have decided DO because the mind is God’s gift as a tool for us in living and what a disaster it could be to pass through our one and only earthly life and to miss all its glories, beauty ,splendour and blessings we experience. Sharing these experiences and moments in life should also be our priority  while we are still here.(Living)

” Man’s MIND, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions”.

This is a page where I had started so can share my little write ups and jou
rnal on daily common sights & insights, pictures,thoughts and writings about My life,art, creativity, Life, people, events, issues and any other interesting topics on my mind.

I believe that blogging too is communication which is not just ALL about finding intelligible words and lines for impressing your audiences or readers. It is also about giving something of yourself and reaching out in your own small world to the WORLD.

Each Man is different, each man must find his own path, each man is the same and each man must find his own path.  We are

So welcome again and If you like my page, and my upcoming posts, please do share it and to tell your friends, family or others readers about it.Welcome again and thanks for visiting.

Happy reading !

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